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Why You Want to Be a CBG Contributor

Want to increase your visibility within the industry? Every month the Community Buying Group newsletter reaches more than 10,000 registered members. Take that number and multiply it by about seven. That’s the real number of people you could reach when you factor in social media, our network of affiliates, and paid advertising.

How to Become a CBG Contributor

Submit the quick form and provide some samples of your previously published posts. We’ll be in touch ASAP! Or, if you’ve done a deal you just need to share, we’d love to hear about it.

The Kind of Content You Can Provide

We’re looking for original 300-700-word posts written for real estate investors, property managers, and their contractors. The tone is professional yet relaxed. Think FastCompany over the Wall Street Journal.

Here are some of our blog categories (feel free to pitch others):

Landlording and Property Management
Real Estate Data & Trends
Supplier Highlight
Flipping and Rehabbing
Real Estate Investing
Success Stories
Business & Marketing

The Rules of the Road

It would be chaos without some guidelines, right?

We have just a few:

  1. You must be a registered CBG member
  2. CBG will provide final editing, including headline
  3. Don’t infringe on copyrights
  4. Link to your sources in the text of the article
  5. CBG has exclusivity rights for 48 hours before the post can be published elsewhere
  6. Keep self-promotion to a minimum; you’ll be able to include an author blurb, your contact information and a link to your website

What You Can Expect from CBG

The CBG newsletter puts you in the inbox of 10,000 real estate investors, and more inboxes over time. We share every article on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn at least once. We might even get you additional exposure through our advertising efforts.

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