About Community Buying Group

Where Real Estate Investors Save Money

The Short Story

Ben Rao, a real estate investor, started Community Buying Group in 2010 in the garage of one of his rental properties as a two-person operation. Five years later, CBG reaches 60,000 investors and more than 350 affiliate organizations.

First and foremost, CBG is where real estate investors save money. Beyond the discount program, investors quickly learn CBG provides other services to build their business, including financing referrals, insurance, networking, and industry resources.

The Vision for CBG

A Preview Of Where We’re Going

Community Buying Group will become the daily hub for real estate investors, connecting them to the products, services, news, and professionals supporting and shaping the industry.

CBG will continue to introduce services to help real estate investors do business better, giving them systems and processes to scale, no matter what their experience.

What Rave Music and Real Estate Have in Common.

We believe work can be challenging, rewarding, and fun at the same time. We’re serious about helping our members improve their bottom lines, grow their business, and live financially free through real estate investing.

We do these serious things with quick-witted humor and an appreciation for all of the things life has to offer: family, friends, community, purpose, and music blasting from our traveling workstation, Rosie.

You’ll catch us cooking omelets together, volunteering together, learning together, and opening our homes to each other’s families. Yes, we have the requisite foosball table (play doubles if you show up at the table at the same time). We also have early Friday dismissals during the summer to improve ourselves however we choose, even if that means learning how to play a wicked flute solo. In other words, we know there is life outside of work.

We have the freedom to try new things without the red tape because what we’re building hasn’t been built before. Want to try new technology to improve how we do business? Go for it, but whatever you do, don’t grab our VP of Security, Charlie Dog, under his collar.

One last thing: Everyone who works for CBG learns to invest in real estate. It’s a must.

That, in a proverbial nutshell, is CBG.

Give Back and Get Your Hands Dirty

No one has to ask us to volunteer. We just do.

We often volunteer together, whether it involves packing protein-rich meals for starving children around the world or working booths at a Downtown Lee’s Summit event.

Giving back is in our DNA. We’re outspoken about our favorite causes. Some of us are regulars at the Chamber of Commerce. Others are active in their churches and schools. Still others are passionate about their professional organizations. It’s no different among our remote employees.

Whatever motivates you, CBG empowers you to volunteer and get your hands dirty. You just might have extra hands to help you do the dirty work, too.