5 Maintenance Must-Dos for Any Property Manager

5 Maintenance Must-Dos

When it comes to filling vacancies, little is more important to the shortening tenant turnaround like performing maintenance to prevent damages and adding curb appeal. While it’s easy to neglect property maintenance, regularly scheduled maintenance means saving money on avoidable last-minute quick fixes and emergency calls.

If you’re the type of property manager that lives by the motto “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it,” it might be time to rethink that. Here are the top five maintenance solutions that will save you both time and money in the long run.

Preventative Maintenance
It really is the little things that can be neglected but can also cause the most damage. Always be on your toes with preventative maintenance by regularly doing HVAC maintenance, changing air filters, and inspecting the water heater. It may seem like tedious work now, but it’s worth the time you save by avoiding larger issues in the future.

Routine Maintenance
Let’s be honest, routine maintenance is probably one of the last concerns for any property manager. However, it can be the determinant of how long your property stays vacant. Giving your property routine maintenance by hiring people for things such as landscaping, cleaning, and even vacuuming the main area helps the prospective tenant decide whether that unit or house is right for them. It shows at first glance that you take pride in your properties and that you care about your tenants’ perception.

Cosmetic Maintenance
Cosmetic maintenance goes hand-in-hand with routine maintenance and is usually done when you’re getting the property ready for the next tenant. Adding a fresh coat of paint, updating window screens, cleaning flower beds, and more are often cosmetic fixes that need to be performed during vacancy times.

Corrective Maintenance
There are some things that preventative maintenance just can’t catch. From plumbing issues to a broken dishwasher, this type of maintenance is unavoidable and is probably what property managers and maintenance personnel spend most of their time doing. When it does happen to you, be present in a timely manner so no more issues arise from one original problem.

Deferred Maintenance
Deferred maintenance is usually found in properties with little to no funds available for needed repairs. While it does give property managers a little more time to breath in the short term, it’s important that these types of repairs be corrected sooner rather than later or the value of the property will be negatively impacted.

Like in any industry, having good communication with your vendors, contractors and cleaners is the most important thing you can do to keep your properties in great shape. You’ll know if you have the right people in place for any situation that arises so you can keep your portfolio moving forward. Ultimately, keeping your property in pristine condition is up to you, the property manager. Follow this maintenance suggestions and your portfolio will continue to hold value.

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