Just When You Thought Life (and Business) Was Hard

Ever need a reminder of how easy you have it, no matter how hard life may seem?

Just watched an episode of Roots (the new version). As I watched, I felt sad, amazed and reminded how easy my life is and how great I have it. The episode showed hundreds men shackled to the floor in the belly of a boat on their way to America to be slaves sold for pennies. As I watched these men lose their family, their mind and become overwhelmed with anger, I felt a vise on my chest. What if I never got to see my family again? What if I couldn’t have a nice meal? Travel as I please? Have my own business? 

I knew then that I had the fuel to keep my mind straight and know the challenges I face on a day-to-day basis are a walk in the park by comparison.  So when you think life is tough, remind yourself you have the freedom and the ability to pursue your goals. Others in American history didn’t have those luxuries.