Everyone Knows a Real Estate Investor: Musings on Techweek


As many of you may have seen on our blog and social channels, Community Buying Group was a finalist for a LaunchKC grant at TechweekKC. We were one of 20 contenders competing for $50,000. Unfortunately, we did not make the top 10, but we are humbled to have made it this far from an initial group of 500 companies.

Go Team CBG!

Our Techweek experience taught us something else: Everyone knows a real estate investor. Someone’s parents do it. Someone’s brother. Some were thinking of getting into the industry. Each CBG team member at Techweek had multiple conversations about real estate investing.

These conversations tell us we’re on to something with the REI Hammer app. Not only are there five million real estate investors and seven million contractors representing more than 40 million properties in the United States, there are more and more people entering the industry every day to build wealth through real estate.

The REI Hammer app helps seasoned professional systematize the entire investment lifecycle. It also gives new investors a roadmap for how it’s done.

Community Buying Group was founded on the promise of helping everyone in the industry do business better, and REI Hammer app is an evolution of this promise.

Stay tuned for some exciting news!