AAPL Offers New Online Training

The American Association of Private Lenders is providing a new way for its members to access high-quality, low-cost education online.

AAPL is embarking on a three-year partnership with Fred Pryor Seminars and CareerTrack, which offer training in finance, human resources, personal development and many other topics. The deal covers online courses only, not the on-site workshops that Fred Pryor Seminars conducts.

People with “Individual” and “Premier” AAPL memberships will receive 50 percent discounts on training. “Corporate” and “Service Provider” members will receive a certain number of logins that will give them access to Fred Pryor Seminars and CareerTrack content at no extra expense.

The training can be accessed through AAPL’s website, via the Career Training Access login on the Education page.

“We have just increased the value of our benefits for our current and future members,” said Matt Benson, AAPL’s executive director. “Our members are now in a great position to access just about any type of education they are looking for through our site.”

For more information, call (913) 888-1250.