Multi-Family vs. Single Family, which is a better investment?

Multi-Family vs. Single-Family, which is a better? Cash flow is king, the price to rent ratio on multi-family buildings are typically better in comparison to the single-family homes; therefore, higher gross income with a lower cos-per-unit can make a multi-family property a better investment.  MF properties also have a lower risk of being 100% vacant, which reduced the risk of vandalism or theft if other units are occupied in the same property.  On the other hand, you must consider these other things. MF typically requires a larger upfront investment and higher maintenance expense.  Where is property located? Quality of tenant may also be a consideration since MF are typically lower rents vs. SF homes.  And lastly, if you need to sell a MF, there is less of an audience.  Historically, loans have been easier to get on a SF Home vs. MF Property.  All that being said, my preference is multi-family, they just seem to be easier to manage and the cash flow has been better for me per unit.  Good Luck!