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CBG is a membership program that connects real estate investors, contractors and property managers to members-only savings at 30+ retailers.

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As a CBG member, you’ll have a lot of benefits available to you. You use your membership benefits dashboard to connect, shop and save directly with suppliers. Nice, huh?

Members shopping directly with CBG suppliers are saving more than $1,600 per year on average.

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Here is what you get:

Access to members-only discounts and benefits at 35+ nationwide retailers

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Shop & save directly with retailers

After your membership, you don’t buy anything direct from CBG

Start savings thousands more every year on the purchases you make every day


$7 a month

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$70 a year

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CBG’s 350+ Affiliates include REI associations, well-connected individuals, lenders and more. As an affiliate, you can offer the benefits program to your customers at no cost to them. Find out more »

Our Members Love Saving Money …

“Last month I saved more than $350 using our Sherwin-Williams discount from CBG to on paint and supplies. It made my bottom line look even sweeter after completing that project.”

Jason E.

Remodeling Contractor
Silver Spring, MD

“I visited our local Office Depot to pick up some office supplies. My total at the register was about $63. I then presented my CBG Office Depot SPC card which reduced my total to $33! I was amazed, as was the sales clerk. I am LOVING my CBG membership!”

Elizabeth S.

Columbus, ID

“When several of our office computers were in need of an upgrade, we used our Dell discount through CBG and saved over $2,000 on 5 new monitors, computers and a new 4k TV for the conference room.”

John T.

Real Estate Investor
Chicago, IL

Now’s the time to protect it all with the right property insurance

CBG proudly recommends National Real Estate Insurance Group (NREIG). Protect yourself and your investments with the right coverage, customized for your unique situation by a team of pros who understand the special needs of investors (because they’re investors too).

Here are some reasons why NREIG is leading the industry in protecting investors:

  • Coverage for vacant, renovation, or occupied properties
  • Pay-as-you-go monthly
  • Insure multiple LLCs and corporations under the same schedule
  • Coverage in all 50 states.

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CBG members are saving an average of over $1,600 a year
by using their discounts from Community Buying Group.

Their bottom lines are looking pretty sweet. Yours could, too.

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